Friday, February 14, 2014

My Fairytale Dream

I don't have to tell you {if you're a parent} how hard it is to get pictures of your own kids! The moment you whip out that camera, its like a magical repellant. {I'll have to keep that in mind for when mommy needs a break, put my camera strap over my head, and boom, break time for mommy!} 

Most of the pictures I use to have of my little energizer bunny, are of her running away, turning her back to me, or half-blinked. {you need that fast shutter speed for these hummingbirds} 

I can't tell you how much my heart is fluttering from these shots I took of my daughter. I had to get clever, fast, if I wanted to document what's left of her toddler days. To my surprise, her baptism dress did the perfect trick for this shoot. The dress she is wearing in this shoot is for a three to six month old child. I will never understand how the waist fit her just right. It wasn't tight at all! The best part... this dress is reallllllly long. Abnormally long. Now at 15 months, the length is JUST perfect, that she's not standing on the dress, but also can't walk too far because it's just too long for graceful walking. So she just kind of gave up and decided to breathe in the air around her and poke at the little plants surrounding her.

What resulted was the perfect amount of time for me to take these enchanting shots of her. 

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