Sunday, December 15, 2013


It is really hard to imagine how your life will be after you have a baby. You can daydream about it, but the real thing will blow your imagination.
I walked into Julie's home yesterday, and I was completely unprepared for the emotions that would fill my heart. I couldn't stop being amazed by their little trio. 

SO MUCH LOVE is in the Eggelston home.

You can see it in Julie and Brent's eyes. You can feel it in their home. But most of all, when I looked at this miraculous little boy named Nickolas, I just couldn't comprehend, how it could be possible for him to be showing decades worth of unconditional love in his eyes for his parents, when he just met them barely five weeks ago. For me it is just miraculous. It truly opened my heart and reminded me how much God has blessed us in our lives. 

When Julie was pregnant, I shared a precious written segment with her, about a conversation an unborn baby has with God before they are born, that I heard when I was pregnant. It touched my soul so much and it brought tears to my eyes. Meeting Nickolas yesterday reminded me of this, that he knew his parents before he ever met them in person. 

Julie & Brent & little baby Nickolas, God Bless you and fill you with love, peace, health and happiness every day of your lives as a new family of three.

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