Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I feel so blessed to have met Sarah Potter Dymond. She is a friend that will forever be in my heart and in my life! She is a gorgeous, fiery red haired momma with a heart of gold to four beautiful, happy, energetic kiddos.

These little redheads just fill my heart with so much joy! 
When I was pregnant, we just could NOT agree on a name for a boy. Oh man, would we have been in trouble if Sarah and I switched lives! (like in the movie freaky friday!) 

These boys have gorgeous names.... It sounds like they could all have been on MY list. *nudge the husband*
How handsome are they? And their sister is one lucky lady! She's got three brothers who will be looking out for her forever. 

I had a silly FUN "made-me-work-for-it" kid session with these four last week, and today I was lucky enough to capture the energy and love with the whole family!

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