Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mia & Matty


Thank you for being so patient with me, while I've been taking a little break from photography...  it has been a good break.  

Thirteen months ago, my hubby and I welcomed our daughter Kate, our little squeaks into the world. (we call her squeaks because of the sounds she makes. She came out with a full blown drama queen attitude, I wonder who she got that from? :) 

It has been quite the journey going from being a couple to becoming parents. I loved having this little miracle in my belly, and I could not stop daydreaming about what she would look like. But I will admit being pregnant was pretty tough on me, I didn't LOVE the 7 months of morning sickness, the acid reflux, not being able to breath -- that all seems so distant NOW! Seeing Kate's face for the first time, it was more beautiful and perfect than I could have ever imagined!
I feel so blessed to have photography back in my life! I cannot imagine doing anything else. And now I have a little helper to encourage me to get back into photographer mode! 

What an amazing way to freshen up my small business after some down time by going out to the park with some friends I hold dear to my heart. 

My friend Cyndie was pregnant with her second kiddo Matty when I met her and her mom for the first time. I was doing some odd jobs, filling children's paint bottles for a local mom who was starting her out-of-home small business at the time. 

A few months down the road we both kind of wanted to get out of the house -- having new babies is tough!! -- but we were both nervous to meet the other moms at the park! So we went together and we've been such good friends since then, supporting each other through our toughest mommy moments. Our kiddos have become great friends too! Kate follows Cyndie's daughter Mia around everywhere, and Matty is always curious what the girls are up to! 

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